Worcester Bosch CDi

CDi Worcester Bosch boilers

CDi can actually refer to a variety of different Worcester boiler models:

CDi Conventional (Regular) Boiler

These will typically be found in larger properties with a high peak heating demand. Older CDi boilers based on earlier technology may manifest a number of problems. We are able to service and repair both the older versions of this CDi model right up to the latest edition. In addition to the boiler the system will also typically include controls, motorised valves, at least one pump, a hot water storage vessel and tanks – we are able to work to ensure each individual element is working correctly and the system as a whole is performing. Note this is not a combi boiler.

From 2014 we are installing the new Worcester 27ri compact and 30ri compact boilers. These new models offer powerful heating performance in a form factor which is 5cm narrower and only 60cm in height (15cm less than the equivalent CDi Conventional model). These models are suitable for replacing older non-condensing boilers such as the Potterton Suprima and Potterton Profile, particularly when space is limited.

CDi Highflow

Our engineers have worked on and installed many Highflows including the latest CDi version. Please see our separate page on the Worcester Highflow.

CDi Classic

The Worcester CDi classic combi boilers offer high heating output for larger properties and are available in a range of hot water outputs with the most powerful models offering large amounts of hot water on demand. This is a large and powerful workhorse of a boiler with superior hot water performance subject to your available water pressure and gas supply.

CDi Compact

This new range of CDi combi boilers comes with both a more compact heat exchanger and form factor. They are particularly suited to applications where space is limited and higher hot water flow rates are required.

CDi Floorstanding

The CDi Regular floor standing boilers available in 30kW and 42kw models are comparatively rare. However our engineers are also fully trained on this model range and are available to service, maintain and install these CDi boilers.

Service and Repair

Our engineers are fully trained on all CDi models and can maintain your boiler to help maximise its lifespan and reliability. If your CDi boiler does breakdown, we offer a full repair service for all models.

Installation and Replacement

Our Worcester approved engineers have considerable experience of installing the full range of CDi boilers including the most powerful CDi combi boilers and the CDi conventional boilers along with the complex wiring that may be required.